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Performance Management Dashboards and Technologies

تقنيات ولوحات إدارة الأداء

California School Dashboard

By: Caryn Sanchez

The ROI Engine Dashboard Finally You Can See Results From Restaurant Marketing

By: Matt Plapp

[React Native] Restaurant Dashboard on thae Web — Leah Steinberg

By: Uber Engineering

Logistics and Transportation Tableau Dashboard Example

By: Jack Tompkins

Business Intelligence Dashboard for Transportation

By: Rkerrbg

Small Restaurant Dashboard

By: Pierre Ehe

EAF #96 – Athlete Performance Dashboard Project – Part1

By: Excel Tricks for Sports

California School Dashboard – Around the Dashboard in 90 seconds

By: California Department of Education

CA School Accountability: The CA School Dashboard

By: ACSA – Association of California School Administrators

Tourism Dashboard: Griffith Institute for Tourism and University of Surrey

By: Soul Arch Media

Balanced Scorecard for a Hospital – Review of the Strategy Map Template in BSC Designer Online

By: BSC Designer

Using Dashboards to Bring Strategy Execution to Life

By: David Wilsey/Tom Keating

KPIs and Scorecards

مؤشرات الأداء الرئيسية وبطاقات الأداء

Understanding Scrum Metrics and KPIs

By: Agile Digest

Best Practice Tips for Creating Key Performance Indicators

By: BSC Designer

Team Sport Coaching

By: KPI’s in Coaching

KPI Journey at King Fahad Specialist Hospital in Dammam

By: Quality Webinar

A Balanced Scorecard System Approach in the Healthcare Sector

By: The KPI Institute

Bank Scorecard Case Study

By: Brett Knowles

Balanced Scorecard for Schools

By: The Balanced Scorecard

Healthcare Practice Key Performance Indicators

By: Healthcare Bus Coach

Hospital KPIs – Excel

By: Elliot Bendoly

How to tell a story with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)?

By: Corporater

Process Mining for Process KPI Reporting | QPR Webinar

By: QPR Software

Banking Dashboard | Banking kpi – EzDataMunch

By: Ez Data Munch

Balanced Scorecard for a Manufacturing Organization

By: The Balanced Scorecard

KPI Best Practices

By: Balanced Scorecard Institute

Strategy Execution and the Balanced Scorecard

By: Winston Churchill

Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard

By: Alanis Business Academy

Balanced Scorecard for Charity & Welfare Organizations

By: Balanced Scorecard Institute

Improve hotel performance with Balanced Scorecard KPIs

By: BSC Designer

KPIs, What They Are and Why Your Organization Needs Them

By: David Wilsey

Health Care KPIs Example

By: BSC Designer

Balanced Scorecard for Banks and Credit Unions

By: Daniel Havey

البطاقة المتوازنة لقياس الاداء – مقدمة


Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Calculations in Retail | KPIs of Store Manager

By: Review Machine – Be An MBA

How to Align Key Performance Indicators to Your Organization’s Strategy

By: Hassan Al-Asaad

أبسط أسلوب لشرح كيف تستخدم بطاقة الأداء المتوازن في التخطيط الاستراتيجي وإدارة الأداء


مؤشرات قياس الأداء | المكونات الأساسية لنظام قياس الأداء ببساطة


 استخدام المحاكاة للتنبؤ بأثر إجراءات منع انتشار عدوى الفيروسات


البطاقات المتوازنة لقياس الأداء – تطبيقات في الأجهزة


 Measuring Board of Directors Performance | كيف يمكن قياس اداء مجالس الادارات؟


 تحليل مؤشرات أداء نظم مواجهة جائحة العدوى


البطاقات المتوازنة لقياس الاداء – المفهوم العام ببساطة


 مؤشرات قياس الأداء والمبادرات الاستراتيجية


البطاقات المتوازنة لقياس الاداء – الخرائط الاستراتيجية


Case Studies

Analytics Case Study from Health Care Industry

By: Gopal Prasad Malakar

2018 – Local Government Case Studies (Part 1) – Panel

By: Energy & Environment Symposium

TradeSmart Case Studies in Trade Spend Analysis

By: Kristy Garry

3 Winning Smart Manufacturing Case Studies Explained from MESA’s 2018 Smart Story Awards

By: MESA International

PCF Case Studies: How Organizations Use the Process Classification Framework


Teaching the HCL Tech Case-Study at Harvard Business School Executive Education Class

By: Apurva Chamaria

Types of Case Study. Part 1 of 3 on Case Studies

By: Graham R Gibbs

Paper 2 -Section B – Tourism Case Study – Jamaica

By: Streetly Geography

Manufacturing case study

By: Phil Jones

How to analyze a case study?

By: Sanjay

Replication or Single Cases. Part 3 of 3 on Case Studies

By: Graham R Gibbs

Planning a Case Study. Part 2 of 3 on Case Studies

By: Graham R Gibbs

Change Management

Change Management – Effectively Implementing Core-banking

By: Oradian

Leading and Managing Change in Schools

By: McREL International

Technological Advancements and Change in Management of Tourism Destination Organizations

By: Common Ground Research Networks

Change Management: Key Challenges | Global Mining Guidelines Group

By: James leverly

EY on Change Management (ft. Two Biz Cases)

By: Jan Kopankiewicz

Change Management Cases and Examples

By: IIT Kharagpur July 2018

The Great IT Professional

By: Scott Stirbrny

Organizational Change Management

By: Steve Mollen

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

By: Eric Rothwell

Managing Change in Professional Services


Impact of Change Management on Construction Project Risks

By: Emre Ulukan

WESTEC 2017: Change Management in Manufacturing


Leading Innovation and Change in Healthcare

By: Jamed Balrow / Matrata Malhotra

Change Management in Health Care

By: Sahlgrenska Science Park

ITIL – Change Management

By: Trevor Harmon

SFB 768 – B5: Manufacturing Change Management

By: SFB 768

Webinar: Engineering Change Management for Manufacturers

By: Archer Point Inc

Change Management in the Healthcare Procurement Process

By: Parts Source

ITIL – Change Management

By: Trevor Harmon

Change Management (Overview)

By: Trevor Harmon